Saturday, April 9, 2011

strong heart to be

I want to share this, the words that touched my heart. Thanks for concerning, my gf. Taken from her blog.

I called one of them just now. Though the line was quite terrible as she and I were having difficulty to synchronize the meaning we want to deliver to each other, but still, I'm happy listening to her. Dear friend, I maybe not by your side to feel the right feeling you face right now, but I bet I know you well, you will be strong for this. Not just strong, but stronger. Allah think the same way, that's why He give you this. We never know His plan. Maybe this is a gift from Him without we expecting it. Please excuse the inferior feeling and don't say this happened because you are not good enough, you're good and capable enough instead, just maybe He plan another great story for you, to be not just good in name, but awesome and having over flood success in your new pathway insha-Allah. All the best for you. Whatever you choose after this, we friends will always support you.. :)

~nur atikah~

Terkejut dapat call dari dia. Dia yang jauh di Mesir sana. Dia yang saya sayang.

I'm okay, like what you said, apparently i may look soft outside, but i have a strong heart inside, insyaAllah.

Thanks pada Syikin dan Isna yang call untuk dengar luahan hati. Juga buat sahabat-sahabat yang bagi mesej. Berpuluh mesej dapat masa tu, memang membuatkan saya sangat kuat. Surprisingly, i do not cry at that moment, theres no even one drop of tears fall from my eyes.

Redha dengan ketentuanNya. Mungkin ini yang terbaik dariNya. Now i am at the phase of trying to think positive, accepting the fate and be a grateful slave of HIM.

No need to worry more about me. There were so many supporters behind me, umi abah, my sibling, my besties, my roomates, my friends, and not to forget, all the readers.

Importantly, i have HIM that is always with me, always, and always....

notakaki :: Okay, study ye cik athirah. Mid sem UNGS : Islamic Worldview next week.

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munirah.zulkifli said...

hehe..suits u n me rite..well..^_^ more to say..jz a smile dat i can gve

athirahariffin said...

maybe thats the best for us..
whatever field we're in, just do our very best, be succeed for the sake of Islam..

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