Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Shaheed. May Allah grant us with the reward of shaheed.

Rasulullah pbuh said that Allah will bless the shaheed with 6 traits. SUBHANALLAH 

1. That the first blood that will be shed from their body, Allah willl forgive all of their sins and they will be able to see their seats in Jannah. 
2. Allah promised them that they will be not punished in the grave.
3. They will not be scared and fearfull when the people are so scared and running around on Yaumul Qiamah. 

4. They willl be given a crown of honour and dignity, Al-Wiqar, lots of jewel are attached to it. Only one of that jewel is more valuable than the whole earth and whatever it contains. Allahuakbar!
5. They will be given amongst the beautiful spouse ever created by Allah.
6. They will be able to intercede for seventy of their family members. What an honour!


Nice message taken from a beautiful lecture by Bro Majed Mahmoud

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