Monday, October 19, 2009

...Fell Like Want to be at Home Forever...

Hari ni, umi beli tiket for me to return back to uia next week. Ak balik ngan bus je. Balik malam 25 aribulan. Arghh..malasnya nak balik uia..even 1 week lagi (actly less than 1 week), rase macam seksa sangat bila tau kena balik uia. Its not becoz i hate uia but becoz i really LOVE to be at home. I feel really really really happy to be with all my siblings, umi and abah. Best duduk kat rumah, bila boring maen je ngan adik-adik..petang2x main badminton..boring lagi, masak untuk umi, abah and adek beradik (bajet pandai masak la konon)..paling best, kitoram semua kumpul kat katil umi n borak ngan mom is reallly cool n funny...ermm, bestnyer..

Then, i got a a message from my dear fren ety. She told me that our result will be out on 22/10/09. OK..actly, i'm really nervous thinking bout it. I mean, really realy nervous. As i'm doing foundation in dentistry, i have to get pointer 3.5 and above so that i'll be able continue my degree in dentistry....yes, i really want to continue my dream to me a muslimah dentist...So, u can't be like this, i mean, malas-malas nak pergi uia..kata nak jadik dentist, so, there's a lot of things that u have to sacrifice..hope to be the next dentist soon..AMIN..

Hope to be like him, treating patients with oral problems...
but. i want to be a MUSLIMAH DENTIST..
hahhaha..pray for me k..
buat la pahala seket doa kat ak..

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