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to all strong women out there :)

Salam sayyidul ayyam yang indah buat semua. Moga Al Kahfi dan selawat menghiasi Jumaat kita :)

Dah baca Al-Kahfi? Haaa, sape tak baca lagi sila baca dan habiskan cepat-cepat ye! Marah ni heheh.

I read a great and beautiful article. I found it here : womeninthequran. Please go through the articles in the website. A nice website indeed.


She had everything in abundance, ruled the kingdom of Saba, and had a great throne.

Prophet Sulayman (as) wrote a letter to Balqis and invited her to believe in Allah and surrender to him. The queen immediately realized the significance of this letter and discussed it with her inner circle. This event is related in the Qur'an:
She said: "O council! A noble letter has been delivered to me. It is from Sulayman and says: 'In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Do not rise up against me, but come to me in submission.'" She said: "O council. Give me your opinion about this matter. It is not my habit to make a final decision until I have heard what you have to say." (Surat an-Naml: 29-32)
Her council responded: "We possess strength and great force. But the matter is in your hands, so consider what you command" (Surat an-Naml: 33). This shows that she had great power over her kingdom.

She took up the advice of her aids and chose caution:
"When kings enter a city, they lay waste to it and make its mightiest inhabitants the most abased. That is what they too will do. I will send them a gift, and then wait and see what the messengers bring back." (Surat an-Naml: 34-35)
Her primary goal was to discover his true intention. Prophet Sulayman (as), who understood her strategy, rejected the gifts and sent her another message:
[Sulayman said to the messenger:] "Return to them. We will come to them with troops they cannot face, and will expel them from it abased and humiliated." (Surat an-Naml: 37)
He warned her once more of his army's irresistible power and warned her to surrender. He also requested that his army's leaders bring her throne to him, for it symbolized her rule. A demon from among the jinns brought it in the time it takes to blink, and Prophet Sulayman (as) then had it altered. When Balqis finally came to him, he asked her whether this throne belonged to her:
Then when she came, she was asked: "Is your throne like this?" She said: "It is exactly like it. We were given the knowledge before it, and we were submissive." And what she worshipped besides Allah impeded her. She was from an unbelieving people. (Surat an-Naml: 42-43)
In spite of being from a land of sun worshippers, the queen of Saba was quite affected by the genuine manner of Prophet Sulayman's (as) letter, his rational style, power, and most impressive palace. All of this led her to believe and become a Muslim. Allah reveals her submission to him:
She was told: "Enter the courtyard." But when she saw it, she supposed it to be a pool and bared her legs. He said: "It is a courtyard paved with glass." She said: "My Lord, I have wronged myself, but I have submitted with Sulayman to the Lord of all the worlds." (Surat an-Naml: 44)
This account of the queen of Saba and Prophet Sulayman (as) contains wisdom and advice. The queen's ability to reason correctly enabled her to see the truth and act accordingly. In spite of her very different beliefs, she surrendered to Allah and believed in Him without hesitation when she realized the truth. This is an example of exemplary behavior.

From the story, Ratu Balqis merupakan seorang pemimpin yang bijak, berbincang, mengambil pendapat orang lain, dan walaupun beliau seorang Ratu yang memimpin kerajaan yang hebat, beliau tidak angkuh untuk tunduk pada Nabi Sulaiman. 

So I told myself, 
"Sedangkan wanita sehebat Ratu Balqis boleh bertemu Raja sehebat Nabi Sulaiman. Takkanla wanita biasa macam aku tak boleh jumpa lelaki yang sama taraf wawasan, visi dan misi dalam perjuangan, hidup dan mati?"

I am truly inspired by Ratu Balqis's wisdom, Queen Asiyah's and Maryam's strength. And Khadijah's patience and love. Dalam Al-Quran terlalu banyak inspirasi untuk wanita-wanita menjadi kuat dan hebat, at the same time mendapat pasangan yang lebih hebat. So be strong ladies!! Allah is with you. Keep praying. HE is indeed our true LOVE :)

Relying on terms,
"For things to change, you have to change."

Saya pun ada sambungan saya sendiri iaitu, 

"To get a prince, you have to be a princess. To get a good Muslim, you have to be a good Muslimah. To get a visionary man who wanted to succeed dunia and akhirat, you have to be one first."

To all strong women out there, each of us carry a little Balqis inside us. Don't lose hope in Allah. Jaga agama, jaga solat, jaga muamalat, jaga hubungan dengan ALLAH. InsyaAllah, Allah akan hantar a man with little Nabi Sulaiman inside them :)

"Pray, Allah is listening."

Jangan gopoh dalam berdoa. Allah tak suka orang yang terburu-buru dalam doanya. Terburu-buru nak doanya dimakbulkan. Bila berdoa tu tawakkal la. Kata berserah pada Allah, bukan mengarah Allah. Dan, journey setiap orang lain-lain. Please don't compare and complain.

Tertarik untuk berkongsi satu pesanan dari Ustaz Dusuki, one of my favourite ustaz :)

"Jika kalian belum bertemu jodoh, usahlah resah dan gelisah, tanpa berputus harap, mengantungkan harapan dan permintaan kepadanya, ambillah peluang di waktu dan tempat mustajabnya doa, menyebut dan mengulang2x kata rayuan kpd yg mempertemukan jodoh itu, hanyalah kpd Allah, usah malu bertemu org yg soleh terutama ibu bapa kalian utk mempertemukan jodoh kalian kerana setiap yg datang itu ia tetap akan datang, seringkan sahaja membaca surah An Nahl, mudahan ia menjadi kemudahan utk jodoh yg baik"

Sekadar berkongsi pesanan dari ustaz. Moga bermanfaat :)

notakaki :: Selalu pesan pada adik-adik, jadi lelaki yang jaga qiamullai dan solat subuh berjemaah. Susah betul nak tengok orang jaga dua benda ni kan....

notakaki :: 54 hari lagi sebelum Ramadhan Insya Allah :)

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